Three Bats infinitely autumn.

autumn is my all-time favourite season. i love the colors of the leaves and the crisp air, sweaters, scarves, boots, halloween, scary movies, scented candles, basically all things fall! my winter blog is here.

photos not mine unless stated otherwise. if you see your picture on this blog, just let me know and i will remove it or add credit.

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its only august…and i have made a few posts like this lol but my seasonal/holiday blogs are becoming active and i wanna find more((: so if your blog is about: 

  • fall/autumn 
  • halloween
  • winter
  • chistmas 

like/reblog to let me know and i can check you out! please please pleasee

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Goodbye shorts; Hello sweaters

Goodbye iced coffee; Hello Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Goodbye swimming; Hello crisp morning walks

Goodbye camping; Hello fireplaces

Goodbye sunflowers; Hello crunchy leaves

Goodbye flip flops; Hello boots

Goodbye August; Hello September

Goodbye Summer; Hello Autumn

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Hello November! by *December Sun on Flickr.
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